Printer spooler keeps stopping

Fix Print Spooler Keep Stopping on Windows 10: If you’re facing the error message “Don’t run the print spooler service” when you’re trying to print a document or file, then don’t worry, as we’ll see how to fix this issue today. After facing these errors, you may try to start the print spooler service, but after a few seconds, you will notice it is automatically stopped. The print spooler service on Windows 10 appears to continue crashing. But let’s see what this Print Spooler is before we fix the issue?


What is the Spooler Print?


Print spooler is a Windows operating system utility program that helps handle all the print jobs that users submit to their printer. The print spooler helps your Windows interact with the printer and places orders in your queue for print jobs. If you don’t run the print spooler service, your printer won’t work.


Now maybe you think what’s behind this mistake? OK, there may be many explanations why this problem is facing you, but the leading cause seems to be the obsolete, incompatible printer drivers. Typically, if the print spooler service stops working, no error or warning message will appear or pop up. But in this case, you will receive a pop-up error message, so with the help of the below-listed troubleshooting guide, let’s see how to fix print spooler keeps stopping problem.



Address Print Spooler Stops on Windows 10


    Method 1: Delete Spool folder content


Using this approach, all content within the PRINTERS and drivers folder must be deleted. This method works for all Windows OS from Windows 10 to Windows XP. The steps to solve this approach are:


  1. Go to C:\Windows\System32\spool and open the File Explorer.


  1. Double-click the “drivers” folder and delete all files and folders under it.


  1. Similarly, all contents must be removed from the PRINTERS folder, and the “Print Spooler” service restarted.


  1. Reboot the machine for improvements to be saved.


Method 2: Restart your Print Spooler service


This method requires you to restart your Print Spooler Services. The measures are to do this –


  1. To open the window, press Windows Key + R and type “services. MSC” (without quotes) and hit Enter.


  1. Scroll down and search for the Print Spooler service, then select it.


  1. Click the Print Spooler service right-click and then choose Restart.


  1. Check now whether or not the printer is working. If your printer works, this means that you have been able to fix Print Spooler Keeps on Windows 10 issue.


Method 3: Set Print Spooler Service to Automatic


  1. Use the Windows key + R key combination keyboard shortcut key to open the Run program.


  1. Type “services.msc” in there and click Enter to open the Services window.


  1. Print Spooler right-click and select Properties.


  1. Change the ‘ Startup Type ‘ from the drop-down list to ‘ Automatic ‘ and then click Apply > OK. See if you can address the Windows 10 issue of Print Spooler Keeps Stopping, if not then move to the next step.


Method 4: Change the Print Spooler Recovery Options


If the Print Spooler recovery settings are not correctly configured, the print spooler will not automatically restart in the event of failure. To retrieve the steps–


1.Press Windows Key+ R, type service.MSC and hit Enter.2.Right-click Print Spooler and select Properties.


  1. Switch to the Recovery tab and make sure that the first, second and subsequent failures are set to “Restart the System” from the respective drop-downs.


  1. Then, click Apply and OK.


Method 5: Update your Printer driver


  1. Press Windows Key+ R and click “services.MSC” to join.


  1. Have a right-click on the Print Spooler service and pick Stop.


  1. Click Windows Key + R again and type printui.exe/s/t2 and press enter.


  1. Search the printer that triggers this problem in the Printer Server Properties tab.


  1. Next, remove the printer and select yes.6. Now go to services.MSc and right-click the Print Spooler button to remove the driver as well.


For example, if you have an HP printer, you will need to visit the downloads page for HP Software and Drivers where the latest drivers for your HP printer can be easily downloaded.


  1. If you are still unable to fix the issue of Print Spooler Keeps Stop, then you can use your printer software. These tools can usually detect the printer on the network and fix any problems that cause the printer to appear offline.


You can use the HP Printer and Scan Doctor, for example, to repair any HP Printer issues.


Method 6: Take Ownership of spoolsv.exe


  1. Open File Explorer and navigate this path: C:\Windows\System32


  1. Next, right-click on’ Spoolsv.exe’ and select Properties.


  1. Switch on the’ Safety’ tab.


  1. Select your user account now under Group and user names and then select the “Advanced” button.


  1. Now click the “Updates” button next to the current owner.


  1. Now press the “Select User or Team” tab “Advance” button at the bottom.


  1. Next, click the Find Now button to select your user account and then click the OK button.


  1. Again click OKon the next window.


  1. You’ll be back in spoolsv.exe’s Advanced Security Settings window, just press Apply and OK.


  1. Now pick your user account (which you selected in step 7) from the spoolsv.exe Properties window, then press Edit button.


  1. Checkmark “Full control” and click Apply followed by OK.


12.Restart Print Spooler (Run > Services.msc > Print Spooler) service.


  1. Reboot the machine to make improvements and see if you can resolve the Windows 10 problem of Print Spooler.


Method 7: Delete unnecessary key from Registry


Note: Save your Registry if something goes wrong then you can quickly restore the Registry with this backup.


  1. Press Windows Key+ R to open the Registry Editor, enter Regedit and hit Enter.


  1. Now navigate to the HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Providers registry key.


  1. Under Providers, you will find two default subkeys which are LanMan Print Services and Internet Print Provider


  1. Above two subkeys are the default and should not be deleted.


  1. Now, apart from the subkeys above, delete any other key in the Providers section.


  1. An additional subkey, Printing Services, is available in our case.


  1. Click the Printing Services right-click and select Delete.


8.Close Registry Editor & Restart Print Spooler service.



Method 8: Reinstall your Printer Drivers


  1. Press Windows Key+ R and type control printers and press Enter to open Devices and Printers.


  1. Right-click your printer and from the context menu, select “Remove device.”


  1. Click Yes when the confirmation dialogue box is displayed.


  1. Download the latest driver from your printer manufacturer websites after the device has been successfully removed.


  1. Reboot your PC and press Windows Key + R to type control printers and hit Enter once the system is restarted.


Note: Connect your printer to the PC via USB, ethernet or wireless.


  1. Click under the Computer and Printers window on the “Select a Printer” button.


  1. Windows will detect the printer automatically, pick the printer and then press Next.


8.Set the default printer and press Start.


Method 9: Scan your PC with Anti-Malware


In printing services, malware can cause tremendous problems. It can corrupt system files or change any registry values. There are endless possibilities to create issues with malware. So, to check for malware in your device, it is recommended to download and install applications such as Malwarebytes or other anti-malware applications. Scanning for malware on your PC print spooler keeps stopping problem.


  1. Download CCleaner & Malwarebytes and install them.


  1. Run malware bytes and allow your system to scan for harmful files.


  1. If malware is found, it will remove them automatically.


  1. Click Run Cleaner and let CCleaner run its course once you’ve made sure the correct points are reviewed.


6.Select the Registry tab and test the following to clean your system:


  1. Select Issue Scan and allow CCleaner to scan, then press Fix Selected Issues.


  1. When CCleaner asks “Would you like to modify the registry backup?”Choose Yes.


  1. Upon completion of your backup, click Fix All Selected Issues.


  1. To save changes, restart your Mac.

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