How to Create the Know, Like and Trust Factor With a Marketing Funnel

People do not buy from people they do not know, people they do not like, and people they do not trust. In this article, we will create ways, through marketing, for your ideal clients to get to know you, like you, and trust you and eventually become clients.

In order to use marketing to help people get to know you, you must create a Marketing Funnel. A marketing funnel is the process that people go through as they get to know you. The majority of people enter and fewer make it down to the bottom- like a funnel! As people work down the funnel, they will get to know you by having experiences of you.

In their first encounters with you, you give them ‘No-barrier’ offers. This includes an ezine, a free audio, a free e-book, etc. clickfunnels discount 55 off Most people will take this offer. When people see you, hear you, read your words, speak with you or have any sort of contact with you, they gradually get to know you and become familiar with you.

The second step of the funnel is a low-barrier offer, such as an intro Teleseminar, a free intro workshop or an inexpensive item up to $20. It should have a low barrier of entry and not require too much effort. Whatever the item is, it should provide huge value. Under-promise, over-deliver!

When you offer them great value while asking nothing in return and help them solve their problems, they will like you. Come from purpose, come from service, and you will be well liked.

The next item in the funnel should be an extension of the previous and be slightly more expensive. They are still getting to know and like you, so give them something to purchase that is priced at $25-200, depending on your target market. A teleseminar series, an online coaching program, a home-study program or a small sample of your services could work here. The key again is to provide more value than they expect.

People trust people who are genuinely like them, people that they can identify with. This means that it is very important to be completely authentic, so that you only attract those who are really ideal clients. If you are phony, you will attract phony people.

People also trust people who follow through with agreements. Be a person of your word. When you break agreements with yourself or others, you destroy trust. Be sure to keep your word and deliver more than you promise.

Your next funnel items should be increasing in both value and price, ending with your highest-priced items which may be your largest package, private coaching or instruction.

Your Prosperity Assignment:

To build up your ‘know, like and trust’ factor, what can you offer? Most people are missing the top and the bottom of their funnel. The free and low-cost items and the priciest package.

1. Draw your funnel and divide it into at least four horizontal parts. In the top of the funnel, write in your free item that people do not have to put time or effort or money into. It can be anything that will provide your clients with value. You could start a newsletter, offering high-value, content rich articles that your ideal clients would be interested in. You could do some public speaking, you could run teleseminars, you could join host networking groups, you could start a group on etc. Choose one of these or one of your own, and start it today!

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