Golf Fitness Can Improve Your Golf Game

Did you know that during a simple 18 holes of golf, the golfer can walk anywhere between six and eight thousand yards? I have already done the math for you, so that six thousand yards equates to around four miles. Walking four miles seems daunting to the normal person but totally acceptable for the avid golfer. Not to mention, with that four mile trek the golfer also has to carry a loaded up golf bag, and swing their clubs up near 100 times. Now given all that information, the idea of performing all those physical tasks seems intimidating. But you can help yourself improve your golf game expeditiously by getting yourself into better golf fitness.

If you have been up to date with the golf industry in the past years you will have noticed that fitness side of golf as evolved rapidly. Choices Hack The current professional tour players have taken the golf fitness idea and ran with it. They have totally embraced the idea that better fitness translates into better golf. With the top tour players now getting into better physical shape, they have changed the game of golf as we know it. Now amateur golfers are seeing how better golf fitness can help improve their golf games as well.

I would also like you to know that if a golfer has a greater range of motion and less resistance throughout the swing, then this gives the golfer the chance to generate more force. In turn,more force increases the power a golfer can produce. And as you have probably guessed by now, the more power generated in the golf swing increases distance. Now your probably asking yourself ‘how can I generate more power in my swing.’ And that answer is flexibility. Good flexibility helps you maintain better balance and posture throughout your swing, which also relates to keeping the stress of the golf swing spread throughout the body. By keeping the the body stretched, you are keeping the abnormal forces of a golf swing off one certain muscle group of the body. So in turn by having a proper golf fitness routine, you are helping improve your golf game and your decreasing your risk of injury.

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